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Our Initiatives

The Connecting For Good team has been organising in Coventry for the last three years. Our goal is two-fold: shifting power back to communities through collective action and sparking community action through connection, creativity, and community-led change. We are building an ecosystem of initiatives that are working together and supporting each other city-wide. 

Shifting Power

"My proudest moment was when we sat down with the city council and there was a noticeable shift in power towards us." 

Sparking Community Action

Check out the amazing initiatives that were sparked with the help of Connecting For Good.

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Bringing people together with passion for social action through film and filmmaking. Sharing stories of social action to build conversation and understanding.

"Geek Rooms is a virtual meet-up on Zoom (every first Monday of the month) that brings together fellow geeks to explore topics of interest."

This is a walking group with a difference. It is inclusive and accessible for a steady pace; no-one will be left behind.

Resting Spaces' mission is to provide free, quiet spaces, in and around Coventry City Centre, where people who need a resting space can relax for whatever their reason (such as autism, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, etc)

What began as a few people with. dream of crafting for wellbeing has now turned into a movement of people that use creativity to combat isolation. They now have 15 groups running in spaces across the city. Anyone is welcome to join and craft, together.

Make friends and keep Coventry tidy! The Litterbusters meet weekly to litterpick areas of Coventry before going for a coffee or pint to round off their hard work. Taking action and building community.

New Vibes

New Vibes are passionate about making nightlife more inclusive. Bringing people together through the power of sound and visuals & fighting for our right to party!

The Curious Club

A growing community of local creatives that want to change the narrative in Coventry and get more men talking about mental health and well-being.

Metalheads of Coventry offers people over the age of 18 the opportunity to join a community of like minded people, join meet up, access local information about gigs and concerts, socialise and make connections. 

Coventry OutSpoke is Coventry’s queer collective, working to strengthen the city’s LGBT+ community. 

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