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CUE have been painting the town green

Updated: Apr 12

Coventry Urban Eden are a collective of local people committed to promoting green spaces for the enjoyment and benefit of the residents and visitors to Coventry. They recently partnered with local street artist Mick Batchelor (Street Art Strategy) to conduct a series of street art workshops.

The workshops have taken place over several days, each session attendees learnt a new skill, tried their hand at spray painting or expressed their ideas for a mural. 

“The positive vibe and great teamwork is an amazing asset to the city. People feeling empowered to make changes to improve their environment is creating a better future for us all” Mick Batchelor

These workshops have contributed to the creation of a design for a mural, which will be located next to one of the CUE'S first green spaces in the City Centre.

To find out more contact CUE here:

To find out more about the artists:

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