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About us

We have a small ambition


We want to end isolation and marginalisation and reform the system that allows it. OK… not a small ambition.

But we believe in our Connecting for Good ecosystem. Where the most vulnerable and unseen are no longer made to feel lonely and marginalised but instead have strong relationships and the chance to fulfill their potential - like anyone else.

We are organising local people living and working in Coventry who care about the city and the people within it.

Our ecosystem includes over 20 community-led initiatives that you can get involved with. And we’re making it bigger - building our collaborative capacity and shifting power from public bodies into people’s hands. We have helped initiate 12 Community Action Groups. We are also actively listening in communities across Coventry. Check out ways you can Get Involved

Bringing people and organisations from different sectors together to collaborate means local people can have more of a say on the things that impact their lives.


Having relationships that nurture hope, compassion and ambition along with increased capacity to lead… that’s where systems can change and power flows back into communities.


People. Power. Change.

National Lottery Community Fund

Our work is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and is:

  • People led - meaning it really involves the people we are working with;

  • Strengths based - it makes use of existing skills in the community;

  • Connected - to what other organisations are doing and help develop good relationships with them.

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