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About us

We have a small ambition


We want to end isolation and marginalisation and reform the system that allows it. OK… not a small ambition.

But we believe in our Connecting for Good ecosystem. Where the most vulnerable and unseen are no longer made to feel lonely and marginalised but instead have strong relationships and the chance to fulfill their potential - like anyone else.

We are organising local people living and working in Coventry who care about the city and the people within it.

Our ecosystem already includes 17 community-led initiatives that you can get involved with. But we’re making it bigger - building our collaborative capacity and shifting power from public bodies into people’s hands.

Bringing people and organisations from different sectors together to collaborate means local people can have more of a say on the things that impact their lives.


Having relationships that nurture hope, compassion and ambition along with increased capacity to lead… that’s where systems can change and power flows back into communities.


People. Power. Change.

We want to help build more bridges to social connection in new and creative ways between businesses and communities too. 


In the longer term this could also involve how communities might influence the shape and design of public places and spaces that nudge people towards connection.  


Rather than decisions being made behind closed doors, we’re bringing together local people who have a right to use and belong in our high streets and city centres to see what our collective imagination can create to boost belonging.


There are many ways to become part of our movement. You might be a new parent, local business owner, city centre dweller, council planner, mental health advocate, chronic health warrior, system worker, newly arrived in the city, or none of these. Everyone fits our bill


Join us as we celebrate three years fighting isolation in Coventry and embark on the next three, building on what we know so far about the root causes of isolation to create real system reform.


Get in touch

You can take action and help shape a positive legacy for our communities.

Step one is subscribing to a monthly dose of our community-powered news, delivered direct to your inbox. Simply click here.


Join us at Collaboration Station on the third Wednesday of each month. It's Coventry's open ideas night, aiming to unleash a better city through community-led action on isolation. Email Gemma for Zoom details or to chat if you are curious.

We can also meet you for a cuppa (virtual or in person) where we'll tell you more about the work we're doing alongside local people. Get in touch by email here.

Act now

National Lottery Community Fund

Our work is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and is:

  • People led - meaning it really involves the people we are working with;

  • Strengths based - it makes use of existing skills in the community;

  • Connected - to what other organisations are doing and help develop good relationships with them.


Join our movement!

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