3,000 Coventry people connected in solidarity


Connecting for Good is a 3,000-strong movement for the people of Coventry. We’re sparking it off but it’s not ours. It’s yours.

"We're connecting, rebuilding, and moving forward together, based on what we've experienced, how the world has changed and what we all need.” 

The movement is about:

  • Creating ways to keep our connectedness and solidarity going strong as restrictions ease

  • Helping ordinary people like you take control and create change you want to see in your streets, community and city.

Click here to learn more about the #ConnectingforGoodCov ecosystem.

We’re doing this together - everyone in Coventry is welcome whether you receive services, work for services, are a volunteer or simply care. We’re offering:

  • A way to take action on the things you care about. We will support you, train you and connect you to others who care about the same things

  • Access to 15 change movements already happening and many more to come

  • Access to Changemaker University - teaching you how to organise social action. Two days of training, spread over 10 sessions.

It’s all free. If you’ve never done anything like this before don’t worry. Most others haven’t either!

If you're already taking action, tell us what you want to change and we will help you build a movement around it.

CommUNITY is not just for pandemics


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Why not join us at Collaboration Station on the third Wednesday of each month too? It's Coventry's open ideas night, aiming to unleash a better city through community-led action on isolation. Click here for details of our next online event.

You're also invited to join us for a virtual cuppa and we'll tell you more about the work we're doing alongside local people. Get in touch by email here.

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National Lottery Community Fund

Our work is funded by The National Lottery Community  Fund and is:

  • People led - meaning it really involves the people we are working with;

  • Strengths based - it makes use of existing skills in the community;

  • Connected - to what other organisations are doing and help develop good relationships with them. 

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