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About us

“Organising is a practice of leadership whereby we define leadership as enabling others to achieve shared purpose under conditions of uncertainty” - Marshall Ganz

Connecting for Good is a movement tackling isolation and marginalisation in Coventry. We bring together people who live and work in the city to build their collective power to make change. 


We do this by helping local people develop an understanding of Community Organising, a practice of leadership that enables people to turn what they’ve got into the power they need to make change happen.  

We want Coventry to be a place where people are no longer marginalised or ostracised, and instead have control, power and a chance of a life like any other.


We are building an eco system that enables people to come together at regular touchpoints to build intentional relationships, create structure, strategise and take action so that they can meet their own challenges now and in the years to come. 


Connecting for Good enables people to come together to build intentional relationships, grow leadership and challenge the status quo so that more power flows into people and communities.

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The Five Leadership principles that underpin our work are taken from Marshall Ganz’ - Public Narrative framework:


1. How to articulate a story of why we are called to lead, a story of the community we hope to mobilise and why we’re united, and a story of why we must act. 

2. How to build intentional relationships as the foundation of purposeful collective actions. 

3. How to create structure that distributes power and responsibility and prioritises leadership development. 

4. How to strategise turning your resources into the power to achieve clear goals. 

5. How to translate strategy into measurable, motivational, and effective action.


Our Funders

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National Lottery Community Fund

Lankelly Chase logo.png

Lankelly Chase

rayne foundation logo.png

Rayne Foundation

cov building society logo.png

Coventry Building Society

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Esmée Fairbairn Foundation



What changes have those who have been on this leadership journey brought to the city to help tackle isolation and marginalisation? 

  • Over 20 self sustaining community led anti isolation initiatives have been sparked and led by over 40 local people

  • 12 Community Action Groups have formed, local people taking direct action on the issues that matter to them

  • Multiple listening opportunities across the City to fully understand the bigger issues that people want to take action on

  • 4 cohorts of Change Maker University and a new training programme is being launched in March 2023

  • Collaboration Station team has hosted over 30 monthly sessions. Where local people have brought over 60 ideas to discuss. Approximately half of these ideas have been supported to become initiatives 

  • An ecosystem that enables local people to have stronger relationships and stronger connections and regular touch points 

  • 3 Walk and Talks led by local people

  • 2 Online summits

  • City Centre business core group that has sparked The Cov Cares Awards - designed to celebrate the spaces that support Coventry’s community

  • Hosted the Coventry stop for Engage Britain's Reconnection Tour 2022. 5 leaders shared their stories on the walk. 7 initiatives or action groups shared their work and engaged with people 

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