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Can You Help Grow This Campaign?

Updated: Apr 15

The Need The Loo team are on the lookout for people to help them achieve their goals for better public toilet provision in Coventry. Maybe you have lived experience or maybe you would like to learn more about organising around an issue?

Recent Updates

  1. This year the core team have had positive meetings with Coventry City Council's Public Health Department, Coventry BID (Business Improvement District) and the DEAP Panel. With ongoing discussions and collaborations in the pipeline.

2. The Need The Loo team are currently finalising their one page document for a set of standards and guidelines for businesses and planners to adopt. They have called this the "Need The Loo Bog Standards"

They standards were co-created by the campaign’s core team and local people who want to use their lived experiences to ensure that Public Toilets in Coventry are fit for purpose instead of being a barrier for people wanting to access public spaces. 

3. Earlier this year Hayley from PWC used her volunteering hours to get involved with the campaign. Hayley mapped out the current City Centre provision to update the Great British Toilet map. Public Health have now added this online map to their website.

Simply pop Coventry into the location search bar to find out where the City Centre toilets are.

How YOU can help...

The NTL team are currently working on the following actions and would love some help from the wider community...

1. Creating a short film highlighting to local businesses ways they could improve their toilets for public use and why this is important. Could you help with creating the film? Or maybe you would like to have a role in the film delivering the recommendations?

2. Research trip to locate the best places for signage in the City Centre booked for Monday 29th April at 10 am. Join the team to find the best spots for signage so that people know where the current toilet provision is. They are also looking for people who could help them to document their day. Perhaps through photos, films, sound recordings, blogs, etc.

3. Collating data from the survey into a report for each of the current public toilet providers.

4. Join the core team and help to strategise their next steps. Community Organising Training can be provided.

How to get involved...

The 5 recommendations for change that came from the listening campaign they conducted last year...

1. Better and more signage about toilets - physical and online.

2. Better maintenance of the existing toilets in the City Centre.

3. More toilet provision in the areas of the City Centre that are currently lacking.

4. More understanding by businesses of why people may need to use their toilet.

5. Better collaboration to ensure the toilet provision makes Coventry people proud and visitors feel welcomed.

Download PDF • 3.30MB


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