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Community thrives when businesses care. 

Cov Cares Business Network

Cov Cares is a Movement.


We are the businesses and organisations that are building a network to create more spaces of connection and belonging in our city. 

Join us in building a Coventry that cares. 

756 people sent in nominations. 
431 of them shared stories, memories and experiences of places, spaces, and people that make Coventry a city that cares.


“Is more than just a cafe. It is a safe place that I visit with my daughter most days. The staff are so welcoming and offer a listening ear, pay what you can meals, a space for little ones to play and themed activities too. As a mum with anxiety and on a low income this space has been invaluable to me and has helped me to get out and about with my baby- without it I wouldn't have increased in confidence and would still be struggling to leave the house. The staff have given me so much more than a coffee- they give me hope, support, strength and encouragement."

Ellie about Coffee Tots

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