CommUNITY is not just for pandemics

Connecting for good in Coventry

We've all been trying hard

As individuals, we’re all doing our best in the current strange situation. 

Sometimes we feel afraid. Sometimes we’re alone. Sometimes we want nothing more than for this whole thing to end. 

But sometimes we’re doing okay.


Sometimes we’re doing small things, like checking in on an older neighbour. Sometimes we’re doing things that are a little bigger, like joining a local group to protect the most vulnerable around us. And sometimes we come together as one, like when we stood on our balconies and proudly clapped for our carers.

We've been facing it together

What we’re now realising is that while some are suffering more than others and we’re all coping in our own ways, we’re facing this challenge together. We are a community, from next door to national. And these small acts of goodwill can snowball, growing bigger and bigger until an untold number of people are affected.

We’re learning that every little connection helps. That doing good for someone else means there’s more of a chance that someone else will be inspired and do good for you. That the daisy chain of kindness is growing unbreakably strong.

There's no going back

Once this is all over, we can’t forget that strength we’ve created. We have to remember going above and beyond and make sure that’s just the new normal. We have to remember to look out for each other, to take care of one another and make sure we’re all doing ok. 

And we can do that, as long as we remember that we make community.

And that community makes us. 

“During lockdown, I have spent a lot of time thinking about ‘what kind of human being am I going to be beyond COVID-19?’ I have found myself wishing that the world could remain like this with its positivity, connection and love for one another" - Rose, Coventry resident.

We can do more great things together

What do you want the end of the COVID-19 story to look like in Coventry? 

We want to see a city where people keep coming together with the empathy and kindness that’s blossomed this Spring and the leaders of change come from all walks of life. 

Challenges lie ahead. But now is the time to begin the journey. We’re inviting you to join a movement. It’s called Connecting for Good. 


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