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Let's end isolation

Since 2018, we’ve been building an anti-isolation community in Coventry, powered by 300 people from all walks of life and the umbrella for nine community-led movements.

Over 800 people are less isolated and connected through naturally caring and regenerative networks. 

A nourishing ecosystem of learning disabled men, women with autism, people with chronic health conditions, suicide survivors, ordinary people who care.


People like:

  • Josie, 50, with a history of suicide attempts and being failed by services.

  • Derek, 70, who experiences regular brain bleeds, shields in a nursing home and asked us to help him develop an idea, for which he had already recruited two people.

  • Denise, who said: “I’ve never thought of myself as a leader, always a follower” before sharing her story of making changes after a hard, abusive childhood.


People like Josie, Derek, Denise and YOU empowered to take the lead - many of them trained in how to shift their ideas for change up a gear by our free Changemaker University course.


Connecting for Good is making a difference through individuals, within the community and inside systems. Collaboration Station, our monthly ideas night, is one example of community-led collaboration in action - read our blog series here.


We're looking ahead now to our next three years, building on what we know about fighting isolation and the root causes to create real system reform. We want to:

  • Move onto our next stage: widening our ecosystem, building collaborative capacity and shifting power.

  • Bring in more people and more organisations to collaborate in ways where local people have more of a say.

  • Bring marginalised people together whith those who care in business, public and voluntary sectors to lead new, 'bottom up', sustainable initiatives.

Challenges lie ahead. But now is the time to begin the journey. We’re inviting you to join a movement. It’s called Connecting for Good.

Humanistan poems on display in Coventry city centre

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We're inviting you to join us - connect today!


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