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Your Help Is Needed...Support a community woodland to grow

My name is Kaz and I have a dream of a wonderful natural place in this City. A community woodland that the people of Coventry can be custodians of, created for the people by the people. A woodland where people can come together to tend and care for themselves and the natural world. A space where they can look after the land and build better relationships, community and well-being. Our vision is that it will be like an outdoor community centre, a short 15-minute walk from Coventry City centre.

A photo of Kaz standing in woodland with a group of people around her listening to her speak

There are 6 acres of uncared for and unloved woodland, an already thriving place with a huge potential to improve its habitats for nature and wildlife to better support a richer diversity of life. Becoming a safe haven for people and nature while learning the importance of putting trees and nature first.

A photo of a group of people walking through woodland

  am working with other local residents to bring this dream to reality. Coventry City Council is listening to us and considering if this could happen on this site.  We want to know if people in and around Coventry want, need, or would come to a Community Woodland where there are events, activities and groups, provided by local Coventry organisations for people in Coventry.

A photo of a man with a beard talking to a group of people about the community woodland

Support a community woodland to grow: Please watch the Video below then follow the QR code to the questionnaire or click on the link to let us know what you think.

Link to survey:

Thank you for taking the time to read this, Kaz.

A photo of Kaz standing in the woodland with 3 people and a dog who are helping her dream come true.


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