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Your Help Is Needed...

My name is Kaz and I have a dream of a wonderful natural place in this City, a woodland that people of Coventry can be custodians of, created for the people by the people. A woodland where everyone can come together to tend and care for themselves and the natural world, looking after the land and creating better relationships, community and wellbeing for all. There are 6 acres of uncared for and unloved woodland, a 15-minute walk from Coventry City centre, despite this it is still a thriving place for nature. This woodland has amazing potential to be a safe haven for people and nature as it is fenced off and people do not have access to it. I need your help and support to prove to Coventry City Council that the people of Coventry want, need, and would come to a Community Woodland where there are events, activities and groups provide by local Coventry organisations for the people of Coventry. Please watch the video below (1minute 30) then follow the link or the QR code and answer some simple questions so we can show Coventry City Council that together we want the best for nature, each other, and our city.

Link to survey:

Thank you for taking the time to read this, Kaz.

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