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Coventry - first Restful City in UK?

1 in 5 of us has a disability... that means you probably know someone whose disability means they need to rest throughout the day.

Resting Spaces want to make sure we all feel that we are welcome and that we all feel we belong.

People lie on grass on mats and cushions to demonstrate the need for people with visiible and invisible disabilities to rest throughout the day.
The Resting Spaces action outside Holy Trinity Church and Primark invites people to be curious and talk

So one Saturday in May we joined Coventry UK City of Culture 2021's Wildlife Gathering weekend to celebrate the city's parks and green spaces.

We created a pop-up resting space and asked local people what it would take to make Coventry the first Restful City in the UK - so no-one is more than 15 minutes from somewhere they are welcome to rest.

Help us prove it works here, so we know it can work in every city in the UK. But that Coventry had the courage to go for it first.

A young man and his father, both White British, stand up in front of people to use a megaphone to tell a story.
One of our changemakers Ashley and his Dad share the story of rest for people with visible and invisibile disabilities

What can you do?

You can pledge to make your office or workplace, cinema or gallery rest friendly.

If you have a Resting story, send a message to Connecting For Good Cov who are ready to listen and connect.

We need more people to join the core team to build collective power.

The next Resting Action is on Saturday 2 July! Stay tuned on Facebook or Instagram for more details @ConnectingForGoodCov.

If this has made you smile or made you feel curious, we’d love to hear from you!

Thanks to everyone who joined our Changemakers, especially Coventry Youth Activists (CYA), Hannah Graham (Coventry City of Culture) and artist Raquel Meseguer Zafe (@uncharteredUK) who planted the Resting Spaces seeds in Coventry.

Images courtesy of Mel Smith, Grapevine Deputy CEO and Connecting For Good Cov team manager.

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