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Join our Citizens Assembly and get your voice heard!

  • Do you live, work or play in Ball Hill and the surrounding area?

  • Concerned about poor air quality?

  • Concerned about the effects on your health and the environment?

If YES then get your voice heard at the Ball Hill Citizens Assembly or join our citizens jury and shape our recommendations!

We are a group of local residents - part of Destination Ball Hill - concerned about the air quality in our area. We believe our community should have the opportunity to learn more about the effects of poor air quality & get together and form a voice and demand for visible change.

With the support from the University of Warwick and Grapevine we are measuring the Air Quality in Ball Hill and conducting a survey. We will share our findings with seven representatives of the community who will form our citizens jury. Together with the jury, we will make recommendations to the City Council on possible changes. We will present our findings and recommendations at our citizens assembly at Stoke Primary School on 30th September 2023. Everyone will have the opportunity to add to the recommendations at the event as well!

Would you like to share your views? Please take this survey:

Are you interested in representing your community as part of the seven member citizens jury? Or would you like to get in touch with us?

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