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FINAL CALL: Changemaker University starts soon!

The new ‘term’ at Changemaker University starts in two weeks and we’re here to tell you – don’t miss out!

At the heart of Connecting for Good Cov is the power of connecting with others to bring about the change we want to see. We created Changemaker University to further build our community of Changemakers.

Connecting for Good Cov is a movement that is sparking action against loneliness and isolation in Coventry.

What happens at Changemaker University?

In a nutshell, we teach you ways to adapt to our changing world and learn skills that will be valuable in this moment and also once this pandemic is over.

It’s a very different learning experience, exclusively online, with people from all walks of life who have many different experiences and gifts.

The training is delivered by the Connecting for Good Cov Community Organising Team and – another difference – previous graduates of Changemaker University who are already leading change in our city and want to share their knowledge to support others to develop.

“Change starts first with ourselves. Before we influence others, we need to get our house in order. You deciding whether or not you want to show up, to put the effort in, to lead and bring others with you – only you can make that choice.” (Act Build Change)

We use community organising approaches to bring people together around a common vision to create more connected communities across Coventry.

We teach how to reach out, listen, connect and develop people to build their collective power and create connections for good.

Changemakers commit to using what they learn to take action on isolation in their community. That might mean creating something new or supporting change that has already been sparked by Connecting for Good Cov.

Sound exciting? Join us! Spaces are limited. #ConnectingforGoodCov

Why are we offering six weeks of free training (two sessions per week)?

We have learned a lot during the pandemic and want to share our learning so far, supporting others to turn their ideas into collective action that will continue to make an impact on isolation in Coventry once Connecting for Good is out of the picture.

More cohorts are planned but with seven months of Connecting for Good Cov funding from The National Lottery Community Fund remaining, the best time to start making change is today.

Next term

Starts 2 February and ends on 11 March. Sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Graduation date is to be confirmed but is likely to be on a Friday in March.

Future cohorts (after this one) will be on different days and at different times (Saturdays and afternoons, as an example) to ensure everyone has the opportunity to take part. Look out for more details on this in March.

The sessions

  1. Why connection matters in the fight against loneliness and isolation

  2. Overview of community organising and movement building

  3. Understanding power

  4. The art of reflection

  5. Reach – who we need to talk to

  6. The art of listening

  7. Peer support session

  8. Storytelling

  9. The art of gathering – building your core team

  10. Taking action

  11. Peer support session

  12. Connecting for Good roadmap – Theory of Change.

We believe human connection should be deep and meaningful. We teach you how to achieve this, online and in the real world through the sessions.

Learning to reflect is also key to how we develop our movements and the sessions explore different tools and techniques. Exploring people’s core gifts and life experiences, challenging our own assumptions and inviting others to create an alternative future with us also make up key components of the course.

Completing at least 80 per cent of the course means you graduate. 100 per cent will take you even further!

The principles of Changemaker University

  • We will have fun

  • We are not experts – we are all learning together

  • There’s no such thing as a silly question

  • We are all in this together – we want to make change.

Expression of interest Please email and tell us your name, contact email address and telephone number to register your interest in attending Changemaker University. We will be in touch!

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