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The nine principles of Connecting for Good Cov

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Today our students begin session one of the new term at Changemaker University - Connecting for Good Cov's free six-week course to help local people use community organising approaches to bring people together around a common vision to create more connected communities across Coventry.

The first session looks at why connection matters in the fight against isolation and loneliness. This brings students right to the core of why we exist and why sparking action matters so much. But where do we start? With some principles to guide us of course and here they are!

Next week's session explores community organising and movement building.

Click here to discover more about Changemaker University and don't worry if you've missed out this time, there will be at least one more term!

All illustrations by #ConnectingforGoodCov community organiser and artist Melissa Smith.

Principle #1 // We believe in the power of commUNITY.

Principle #2 // We make time for curiosity, play and creativity.

Principle #3 // We care about each other and will stand together.

Principle #4 // We learn from and with each other which helps us all grow.

Principle #5 // We may not have all the answers but we will work together to find the solution.

Principle #6 // We appreciate the differences between us as human beings. We all have purpose.

Principle #7 // We are accountable to each other and our mission.

Principle #8 // We are changemakers.

Principle #9 // We do not do for others what they can do for themselves.

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