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Our CfG ecosystem

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Did you know that rainforests are our planet's oldest living ecosystems? Incredibly diverse, complex and vital to the survival of the plants and animals that call them home.

In Connecting for Good Cov we have our own (much younger!) ecosystem in the fight against loneliness and isolation. The fundamental principle is not dissimilar to that of a rainforest - with diversity and connection at its heart. The tools, methods and actions evolve too to adapt to a changing climate (a pandemic for example).

So here's some of the #ConnectingforGoodCov movement captured on paper by our Deputy CEO Mel Smith. Hopefully it helps visualise how people-powered action can combine forces to address one of the biggest social problems of our time.

It's useful for us too as a reminder of how we're all working together to tackle loneliness and bring people back from isolation.

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A sketch made up of words and drawings maps out the ecosystem of the Connecting for Good Cov movement in Coventry.
The Connecting for Good Cov ecosystem explained

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