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Emily's ready to use her Changemaker skills

We recently caught up with Connecting for Good Cov's Changemaker University graduates. The latest group graduated from the programme in March.

At the heart of Connecting for Good Cov is the power of connecting with others to bring about the change we want to see. We created Changemaker University to further build our community of Changemakers.

Changemakers commit to using what they learn to take action on isolation in their community. That might mean creating something new or supporting change that has already been sparked by Connecting for Good Cov.

A woman leans against a wall wearing bright make up, colourful hair and a costume jacket
Changemaker graduate Emily

First up is Emily (click here to read Teresa's story). Here she talks about her experience of Changemaker University:

"I love being creative and I keep a house full of props and costumes because I love being able to add a flair of the dramatic to a situation at a moment’s notice.

"I was interested in doing the Changemaker course after hearing about it from a friend who is involved in writing and delivering it. It sounded different and I was keen to experience something new.

"I would say I had high expectations of the course, but I was not expecting to walk away from the experience feeling so deeply changed. The course facilitators created a collaborative environment of fun and friendship. They gave us plenty of opportunities to work together; thinking through big ideas whilst using new tools that open up our vision.

"An atmosphere of mutual support was created between learners, helping us to grow in strength and benefit from the ways we learn and think differently.

"Going through this process made me realise that until now I viewed the world as a series of barriers and had no idea how to penetrate any of these in order to make lasting change. In fact, just the thought of fighting against those barriers, single-handed, made me feel tired and drained with a sense of doomed apathy.

"Now, since completing the course, I realise there are many ways to get the response I want and many routes by which to reach the people who can affect the outcome I need. I now have a whole series of practical tools in my kit to make sure I am not stuck inside the system but am instead equipped to override the system.

"Most importantly I now know I don’t have to do this alone! At the heart of learning is the realisation that the greatest power for change comes from us mobilizing our skills and growing from being just one voice to many with a shared vision.

"Another major unexpected asset you get from doing CMU is the instant network you get of talented and courageous humans. The course teaches you to identify and call out for the super useful skills and contacts that others have that can help to grow and support the development of your movement.

"Thank you Changemaker Uni! I honestly do feel changed, shaken out of apathy and ready to begin my journey of connecting for good."

Click here to learn more about Changemaker University. You can contact us by email at to register your interest.

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