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Collaboration Station call out - join the team!

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Could you be a part of the Collaboration Station team? Express your interest by clicking this link.

We believe in community, people power and extend our welcome to all. We're looking for shared values, a will to get stuck in, and people who make time for curiosity, play and creativity.

One of our initial team members described Collaboration Station as “lifting up others as you lift up yourself".

Specific roles include (but are not limited to):

  • Meet and greets

  • Table facilitators

  • Note takers (can be creative - written, doodled, or other ways)

  • Photographer / Videographer

  • Sharing the Collaboration Station opportunity across Coventry

  • Something new that you bring to the table...

Through being involved with Collaboration Station and Connecting for Good Cov, you have an opportunity to connect with a wider network of people making change in the city and get involved with a range of initiatives that are being led by community changemakers.

A yellow and black Collaboration Station advertising what it is all about - all details of this are in the blog post.

You may choose to access free training in Community Organising, develop your leadership skills, receive ongoing coaching, use our pro Zoom account to host meetings or events and be involved in other local and national events.

Or you may decide that being involved in Collaboration Station is enough and just enjoy the vibe and connection each month!

Please email Gemma if you have issues accessing the expression of interest form.

Follow Collaboration Cov on Facebook to keep up-to-date with our latest news on Collaboration Station.

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