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Hi, I'm Alex, I'm an autistic person in Coventry, UK. I have an idea to make a library of sensory items for neurodiverse adults in Coventry to borrow. This would lend things like fidget toys, noise cancelling headphones etc.

Autistic sensory processing is not well catered for in society. Sensory equipment such as fidget toys, weighted blankets, noise cancelling headphones etc can help us to stay in a better sensory balance - so that we can engage with the world and flourish. This should be available for everyone who needs it, but it's too expensive for a lot of people and it would help the environment by creating less waste.

A library would steward these resources for the community so that everyone can access what they need. I would like help with designing what you want the library to look like.


1. Join me at the next Collaboration Station on Wednesday 16th August. I am hosting a table. Bring your ideas about what sensory equipment we should stock, venues and funding. I'm also looking for people who are up for helping with specific tasks for the library in future. Book your tickets here

2. Have your say. Please help me by filling out this form - thank you.


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