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Good for the Sole smash their target

Members of the Good for the Sole lockdown walking challenge have collectively walked the equivalent of 102 per cent of the UK coastline... or 11,270 miles!

That equates to 24,564,554 steps contributed by 79 people over six months.

You may remember that Good for the Sole launched in lockdown in January when people were feeling tired and fed up.

So we dug deep and built a community without stepping out of our own neighbourhood, using step counters and smart watches to log our miles on Facebook.

Teresa, who has collated the numbers this past 26 weeks while also graduating from Connecting For Good Cov’s Changemaker University, now holds her own mindful walking group in person each Friday.

Find out more about the group here:

Read about Teresa's personal journey here.

A huge well done to everyone who has taken part in Good for the Sole! #SparkingCommunityAction

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