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Our lockdown challenge is 'Good for the Sole'!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

We’ve been listening to local people. We know and can relate to people feeling tired and fed up with lockdown - it’s totally pants.

The Good for the Sole logo - a yellow background with the words Good for the Sole inside a black stripe with a pink heart.

So it’s time to organise, organise, organise!

We need to dig deep and look at what we know has worked to connect people and build community in the past. It needs to be tweaked a little bit to take on the restrictions we are living within, but it can still be a beautiful thing!

A plant with no leaves on a winter morning with the sun shining through it and a field stretching into the distance.
Credit: Claira Bella

Four years ago we were trying to connect people around physical activity.

We dreamt up a challenge to collectively swim the channel in pools, rivers, lakes, lidos or even in the bath (for the young ones). In a week, we collectively swam the channel not once, not twice, but four times!

These folks then went on to organise Wave Raves (an out of hours disco in a local pool) - growing relationships and connections whilst living their best lives!

A group of people in an indoor swimming pool enjoying a wave rave.
Wave Rave

It’s not swimming this time... instead we are going to be walking. We are going to walk the length of England as many times as we can without leaving our neighbourhood over the next three months.

Image taken looking down on walking boots on mud.
Credit: Adele Mary Reed


The 'Good for the Sole' Facebook group has been set up. This is where we will build a community of walkers and where we will log how far we’ve walked. And to jazz it up a bit, there will be weekly challenges set by local people to make the walks even more fun.

Currently, the guidelines (check for the latest updates) say we can go outside our homes to exercise once a day in our local area - so let’s see how far we can go on each walk!

A fitness watch on someone's wrist displays distance and number of steps data.
Credit: Chris Reid

There is power in numbers. So the more people we can get walking, the further we will go. Who could you invite to join you on this challenge?

Good for the Sole will be led by local Changemakers. If you’d like to be part of the organising team, please send a message on Facebook.

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