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An anatomical drawing of a heart with butterflies and flowers. The background is a pastel coloured rainbow
Survivor Sanctuary Cov Plus Logo

Survivor Sanctuary is a grassroots organisation, which is led by survivors, for survivors. We provide peer to peer support for victim-survivors who have experienced sexual violence. At our core we cultivate a safe space which provides connection, belonging and friendship through our shared lived experiences, no matter where survivors are on their journey.

Alongside our mission, our aim is to ensure that survivors of sexual violence are invited to have a seat at the table where decisions are made about policy changes that directly affect us. As survivors, we want to work with systems and organisations to reform the experience for survivors of the reporting process and the accessibility of specialised support.

Following on from the need for our Women only founding group, Survivor Sanctuary, we have recently set up a peer support group for the Trans and Queer community, who have been affected by any type of abuse.

What do we need your help with?

  • Volunteers and allies to help run our sessions!

  • Help us raise the profile of the group so it reaches people who need it

  • We aim to grow the understanding of the issues that trans and queer people in Coventry face.

  • To have a space that trans people can go to, to report their abuse and a place that they feel heard

  • For organisations to take the time to learn about the ways they offer support to people from the trans and queer community who might come forward and confidently signpost them to specialist support

  • For people to learn and understand how trans and queer people can be affected by different types of abuse


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