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Something chalky and fishy is going on

The Spon End community has probably witnessed a few strange moments over the years - much like any other city centre suburb - but today they found themselves amongst chalking, a drone, a film crew and some passionate #ConnectingforGood community organisers.

Immediate positive outcomes such as curiosity and questions for the team happened quite quickly and now we wait to see how much awareness the chalkings and videos can spread of our movement against isolation in the longer term.

For some, the street art might simply brighten up the view (until the rain comes - there's a bank holiday coming after all).

For others, it could be the start of something wonderful in their life.

And the fishy connection? Grapevine's offices are based in the old Moira's Wet Fish and Veg shop - part of a 15th century terrace in Spon End.

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