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Learn how to have great conversations about climate change!

Are you looking for ways to take action on climate change in your community?

If so, did you know that something as simple as having a conversation with a neighbour, colleague or parent at the school gate could have a big impact?

We know conversations can be tricky, so we want to help you get started.

Grapevine has teamed up with Larger Us - which works to build broader coalitions for change - to deliver free online training to anyone who wants to up their game when it comes to climate conversations.

This is a brand new programme and it’s only on offer to a handful of organisations in the UK.

You’ll learn:

  • Why conversations are so important and how they can lead to increased public engagement in climate action and stronger demands from our politicians

  • How to start fruitful conversations with people in your community centred on the things they care about - like jobs, the cost of living, energy bills or public transport.

  • How to develop skills to help you really understand the other person’s point of view and keep the conversation on a positive trajectory.

Sound good? Find out more at an online event on Tuesday 12th September, 6pm. Meet the team from Larger Us, ask them questions about the training that’s coming up in October and let them know what really matters to you.

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