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From community SPIRIT to community POWER

On 4 July 2020 we called Coventry people together to reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic and talk about what they want to happen next.

155 people showed up to our 'CommUNITY is not just for pandemics' online summit and considered three things close to Grapevine’s heart:

- Poverty and inequality

- Neighbourliness and connections

- Our power to change.

We captured their community spirit and action to help ensure both outlast the crisis and make our place more resilient for the future and the challenges ahead.

Pre-pandemic we were moving the city’s communities towards a position of increased strength and resilience. Now we can lead the way in bringing others on-board, deepening the work and accelerating our activity in readiness for recovery.

Download the report here. Read more on Grapevine's blog here.

Taking action now

What do YOU want to do or make happen?

Sign up for a conversation with Grapevine CEO Clare Wightman or Deputy CEO Mel Smith.

Or come to Collaboration Station on the third Wednesday of each month – links available on Facebook or by emailing Gemma at

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