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CommUNITY is not just for pandemics - join us on 4 July

Hot off the press news. We are co-creating a summit with local people.

As we ease out of these strange times, help shape a positive legacy for our communities.

As individuals, we’re all doing our best in the current strange situation. And we’re all coming together as one, like when we stood on our balconies and proudly clapped for our carers. We’re learning that every little connection and act of kindness helps.

“During lockdown, I have spent a lot of time thinking about ‘what kind of human being am I going to be beyond COVID-19?’ I have found myself wishing that the world could remain like this with its positivity, connection and love for one another.” – Rose, Coventry resident

Once this is all over, we can’t forget that strength we’ve created. We have to remember going above and beyond and make sure that’s just the new normal.

What comes next could be the biggest shared story we ever write. So let’s connect, rebuild and move forward together.

Join us on Saturday 4 July 2020 from 2 til 3.30pm.

All artwork by Foka Wolf.

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