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Connecting for Good Coventry

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Stephanie Leonard

“It's been over two years of working with you all. What I witnessed today felt incredibly special. An organised group of people coming together to dream a Coventry where all of us can contribute. To not only dream, but to actively shape the world around us, as a collective. To say we deserve better and can create better together. To take up all the space it is going to take, until all of us are included in the city and beyond.”

Viktoria Change maker

“Being part of CFG  is like being part of a new family. I found purpose and built myself up again.  I was welcomed and allowed to grow with others and become a better human in my journey and the journey with all of you to bring change and learn.”

Lisa Driver, MI

“I have met a number of people who are making the changes they want to see in their area, in their community, along side family, friends and neighbours- new and old. They are working differently to get the life they want. Shaping the community into what they want. They are taking control of their own lives, writing their own rules and becoming thriving community”

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