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DJs, quizzes, friendship - New Vibes' rapid response to lockdown

Written by Paraskevi from New Vibes.

The world is beautiful and cruel but the unexpected happened. Suddenly, despair and sorrow shadowed the earth. Spring was to blossom with flowers, the feel of the warm sun on our skin, playing and hearing the giggles of the little children in the parks. Instead, there was silence, restrictions implemented. It felt like winter had never left.

COVID-19 halted plans, jobs, schools and mostly we were separated and to an extent, we lost our beloved ones. These circumstances were beyond our control and left us feeling helpless leading to restless days and sleepless nights.

Despite the crisis, we had to accept and recuperate through observing the precautions to prevent the virus and our heroes, the healthcare workers were in the frontline to help our sisters and brothers survive.

More than ever before, New Vibes had to take immediate action. New Vibes is a social action movement aspiring for the nightlife to be more inclusive for people with disabilities and long-term health conditions. The pandemic made everyone feel vulnerable and it was worse to comprehend what they were going through.

The New Vibes Team is connecting with people and organizing virtual meetings to make everyone feel included, understood and loved. While the rest of the world was finding ways to find peace through the storm, like learning how to snap and pop through Tik Tok and learning the advances in technology to stay connected to our loved ones through social media. The New Vibes Group launched:

  • The New Vibes Audio Visuals every Friday. For those interested in the sound of music and missing the good times when social events and clubs played your favourite song. Our New Vibes DJs offer song requests and display photogenic visuals while mixing tunes.

  • The New Vibes Lock-in Quiz every Saturday. Feeling competitive? Join our quizzes and games to laugh out loud, enjoy the fun and learn too.

These are part of our virtual meetings to connect and mainly to ensure that we are here for you despite what barriers you face. It matters to us about how you feel and when you feel hope is lost, we will be there to help you whenever we can.

We advocate for Black Lives Matter and the LGBT community, we as a group stand united to raise awareness for their will to live without discrimination for the colour of their skin or their sexual orientation.

Feeling like you have lost your way through this trying time? Inbox us on our Facebook page 'Fight For Your Right to Party' for a helping hand. You don’t have to feel alone because someone in New Vibes will understand you. Be optimistic.

We are curious. What was your first response to the lockdown?

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